Those who seek the gift of gifts trust The Unnamed Society. 

When creativity, exclusivity and desirability come together in one truly unique token of appreciation, it is under the sign of the owl and key. 

Dedicated to “creating the impossible that cannot be imagined”, The Unnamed Society crafts objects of art that redefine the art of giving for the most discerning clientele. 

Creating the impossible that defies imagination

That is the motto of The Unnamed Society: The new measure of genuine quality, sophistication, taste and true exclusivity in modern gifting. When everything is attainable, when any possible earthly desire is within reach, the meaning of desirability shifts to a new and higher level.

It is for this most discerning clientele that The Unnamed Society finds unimagined and impossible ways of capturing the essence of what it is to thank, acknowledge, reward or simply surprise with a gift that is truly out of the ordinary.

Far from brand fanfare, the creations of The Unnamed Society celebrate the art of gifting

Knowledgeable and passionate about the world of Art, The Unnamed Society imagines and creates bespoke pieces of art, fascinating to both the eye and soul, so utterly surprising and ultimately timeless.

Fusing unexpected originality with sublime aesthetics, exclusive individuality with pure desire to create hyper-exclusive collectable items and experiences. In the process of transforming inspiration into reality, only the highest-quality materials are used, and the finest artisanship techniques applied. Each creation is a one-off.

Rooted in Switzerland

The sign of The Unnamed Society is a swooping owl clutching a key. Across centuries and civilizations, the owl symbolizes wisdom and the ability to see what remains hidden; the key is a natural extension to unlock the unimagined – or unimaginable. 

Heightened senses. Clarity of purpose. Absolute discretion. With the same traits as those displayed by the owl, its totem animal, the team of passionate inventors, designers and artisans that form The Unnamed Society set about creating hyper-exclusive items that offer an experience that transcends the object itself.