Indifference is impossible

That is because an object reimagined by The Unnamed Society does more than propose a new perspective on the known, perhaps even the familiar.

When everything is attainable, when any possible earthly desire is within reach, the meaning of desirability shifts to a new and higher level.

Bold. Bolder. Boldest.

The Unnamed Society brings together a small group of master designers and craftspeople who share an uncanny ability to look at an object and see beyond what others see. They crack open preconceived associations and, through their vision and their mastery of materials and techniques, transform the object into a work of rare artistry.

Expect the unexpected

These are objects that explode accepted tenets of luxury yet remain faithful to its essence. Objects seen through the prism of The Unnamed Society.

Founded in 2019, The Unnamed Society is the bespoke luxury offshoot of a Swiss consortium that has been active in the manufacturing and distribution of high-end watches for over twenty years. Both are headquartered in Switzerland.