Chapter V

Winchester, reimagined

Braver, bolder, brighter

Each Winchester, reimagined clock is a stunning addition in any setting. While it explodes aesthetic paradigms, it embodies the highest levels of craftsmanship.

True works of art and sublime craftmanship

After crossing a new frontier in art and timekeeping with the first clock inspired by the legendary Winchester repeating rifle, the natural next step for The Unnamed Society x L’Épée was to explore the undiscovered landscape beyond.

This Limited Collection takes the original concept that conquered the imagination of visionary collectors and appreciators of the finer things to the next level: a true-to-life reimagining of the legendary Winchester lever action rifle as a clock in a unique, unrivalled, unprecedented and unexpected context of materials, colors and textures.

Exploring the unknown behind the known

The idea was never to bolt a clock to a gun. L’Épée reengineered the original’s hallmark loading and cocking mechanism to wind the timekeeping caliber and rethought its barrel system to indicate and set the time. On the original, the ammunition capacity without having to reload the magazine was 15 rounds. It is only logical for Winchester, reimagined to take 15 cocks of the lever to fully wind the mechanism, and generate a power reserve of approximately 7 days.

Collection pieces

Reimagined to win the imagination

There has never been anything like it nor will there ever be again such a combination of clockmaking excellence, creative aesthetic and historical materials, textures and colors with an audacious, modern twist.



Full gold

Full black

These ‘timepieces of art’ offer a unique combination of watchmaking excellence and artistic expression, one that challenges and inspires the imagination from every angle, with every reflection of light on these daring creations.

Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L'Épée
Every secret hides a tale untold

Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, The Unnamed Society presents that rarest of constellations in the world of collectible objects: when beauty and fascination shine through in artfully interwoven history, authenticity and artisanship.

Heightened sensitivity. Clarity of purpose. Absolute discretion.

Inspired by the owl, its spirit animal, the team of passionate inventors, designers and artisans behind The Unnamed Society conceive the impossible and then make it reality.