Chapter V

Winchester, reimagined

Braver, bolder, brighter

Each reimagined Winchester clock is a breathtaking addition to any space. While it defies traditional aesthetic boundaries, it embodies the highest levels of craftsmanship.

True works of art and sublime craftmanship

After pushing the boundaries of art and timekeeping with the first clock inspired by the legendary Winchester rifle, The Unnamed Society x L'Épée takes the next step to explore uncharted territory.

Collection pieces

Reimagined to win the imagination

This unparalleled creation seamlessly combines exceptional clockmaking, creative aesthetics, and historical elements with a daring modern twist.



Full gold

Full black


The intension was never to simply attach a clock to a gun. L'Épée ingeniously redesigned the iconic Winchester's loading and cocking mechanism to wind the timekeeping caliber. They also reimagined the barrel system for time indication and setting. In the original rifle, the magazine held up to 15 rounds without reloading. It is only fitting that the reimagined Winchester clock requires 15 lever actions to fully wind the mechanism, providing a power reserve of approximately 7 days.

The legend that won the West...

Nicknamed the ‘Gun that Won the West,’ the Winchester Rifle remains one of the most iconic fire arms of all time. Used by both lawmen and outlaws in the Old West, the Winchester rifle so perfectly embodies the legendary struggle between the peacekeepers and the bandits. Favoured by many notable figures such as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Buffalo Bill it has become a symbol of that time.

Haute Time Press Article

'In a way no clock could ever hope to, Golden Boy does not just tell time, but open our imagination and takes us to where buffalo once roamed and brave men and women struck out into the unknown, stood their ground and built a new world.'

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'The new clock replicates the “Gun that Won the West” with 1:1 scale dimensions of 41ins long and 12lbs in weight, with special attention paid to the “feel and heft” of the original weapon.'


These exceptional "timepieces of art" seamlessly blend watchmaking excellence with artistic expression. They ignite the imagination and captivate with their intricate details, shining brilliantly from every angle.

Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L'Épée