Chapter II

Golden Boy

A reimagination of the legendary Winchester repeating rifle

In a way no conventional clock could ever hope to, Golden Boy doesn’t just tell time, but opens our imagination and takes us to where the buffalo once roamed and brave men and women struck out into the unknown, stood their ground and built a new world.

Breathing life into a legend reinvented: the L’Épée movement

Says Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L’Épée: “Golden Boy is our second project with The Unnamed Society and a natural continuation of the Pancho Villa’s Bisley Colt we created together. Bolting a clock to a gun was never an option, sore thinking the original rifle’s ingenious lever action mechanism as a clock calibre seemed like an irresistible challenge. It wasn’t, The result is a work of engineering that transcends its function into a work of art, true to the DNA of The Unnamed Society.”

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“Creating the impossible that defies the imagination”

A legend reborn as Golden Boy

Golden Boy has the same dimensions and weight as the original, the same feel and heft. Holding it is holding the legend. Beholding it is glimpsing the amazing era that defined a nation and fired the imagination of every generation born since. With Golden Boy, The Unnamed Society is not just opening a new chapter in the figurative sense, but in the literal sense as well. One cannot help but hear the words ‘Once upon a time...’ resonating under a scorching sun as you prepare for battle, or in the dusty breeze as your idea long side a herd of stampeding bison or pull the wagons into a circle. Some might see Golden Boy as a toy. They might be forgiven.

The legend that won the West

Nick named the ‘Gun that Won the West,’ the Winchester Rifle remains one of the most iconic fire arms of all time. Used by both lawmen and outlaws in the Old West, the Winchester rifle so perfectly embodies the legendary struggle between the peacekeepers and the bandits. Favored by many notable figures such as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Buffalo Bill it has become a symbol of that time.

For the gun that inspired Golden Boy, the year is 1866. The place: a vast country born less than a century before from the purest of desires, self-determination. A country in the process of inventing itself. The conquest of the West is still underway. And unknown lands also mean unknown dangers. It is best to be prepared. Many of those who ultimately succeeded in staking–and protecting–their claim in those wild days would agree that good preparation also meant owning a gun. And knowing how to use it.