Chapter I

Colt - Pancho Villa

Every revolution is based on values

Committed to the ambition to create the impossible that defies imagination, ’The Unnamed Society's first creation reinterprets the concept of the object of time measurement in a different way, a complex work of art and precision developed in collaboration with L'Épée, which appeals to the imagination and the senses, offering a new appreciation of time at all levels. True to the spirit of The Unnamed Society, the object is timeless in its purity of intention and execution

When history triggers an idea for a unique gift

It is a table clock inspired by a revolver, a singular form of expression for telling the time: it aptly symbolizes the preciousness of every moment, the speed at which it can be stolen. It reminds us, more vividly than a conventional clock face possibly could, of the timeless truth in the words ‘carpe diem.’

Dedicated to “creating the impossible that cannot be imagined”, The Unnamed Society crafts objects of art that redefine the art of giving for the most discerning clientele.

Giving life to art

Without knowing it, Samuel Colt revolutionized the impact of time: The revolver conferred the power to stop time cold by eliminating the manual reloading process–and thus eliminating the–all too often fatal–vulnerability that came with having to chamber a new round.

Pierre Salanitro, CEO of SALANITRO SA

"When the creators of The Unnamed Society came to us with their ideas for The Colt - Pancho Villa, we immediately grasped the complexity and uniqueness of the project. We came up with a totally innovative design and fabrication approach, so ambitious that we were not sure we would be able to make it happen. The team and I met the challenge! Seeing it showcased today in the most beautiful setting brings us joy and undisguised satisfaction. We are very proud of the work accomplished."

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Mountains, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking tradition. When The Unnamed Society approached Arnaud Nicolas at L’Épée, it was clear that more than the right partner had been found for creating the impossible never before imagined: a kindred spirit.

“We knew from the outset that we were working on something truly special. Translating the vision of the team into a unique clock caliber has been the challenge of a lifetime and all of us here at L’Épée are very proud of the result. Working with time from all its angles, historical, mechanical and aesthetic, has rarely been so rewarding,” says Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L’Épée.

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"Although the intent is to be exclusive — finding one of the objects should require that “you have to hunt for it,” Mr. Nicolas of L’Epée said — the pieces are being sold throughout the world in art galleries and retailers such as Cellini in New York and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s Art in Time Gallery in Monaco."

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