Chapter IV

The Jim Bowie Collection

Historic sale

November 2023,

The Unnamed Society, in collaboration with legendary knife designer Tashi Bharucha, proudly announced the historic sale of the Jim Bowie Project Collection less than a year after its unveilling.

"Being part of something so grand, with such immense historical importance, is overwhelming. To have legends and young talents come together and forge an art that speaks directly to the soul is a testament to the grandeur of this undertaking," stated a representative from The Unnamed Society.

Never made before. Never to be made again.

The Jim Bowie Collection, curated by Tashi Bharucha, presents an extraordinary assemblage of fifty Bowie knives crafted by twenty-six world-renowned blade-smiths.

These knives represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship, combining tradition with innovation in an eternal pursuit of absolute rarity. The Jim Bowie Collection stands as a testament to its era while transcending time, uniting the finest artisans in a quest for perfection.

A contemporary tribute to humankind's most ancient tool

The Art of Fire, forged in the intense heat, has shaped the human experience since time immemorial. Yet, it also bears witness to the evolution and progress achieved since the first spark.

The Jim Bowie Collection represents the seamless fusion of ancient and modern, blending strength and subtlety, roughness and beauty. These knives stand as powerful symbols of heritage and innovation, capturing the essence of a timeless craft while embracing the advancements of the present.

Art and Craftmanship, fused

Crafted to exacting standards with the finest materials by Jeremy Guillaume, master sheath maker based in France, each knife comes in its own bespoke sheath. Beyond protecting the blade and preserving its uniqueness, each sheath amplifies the character of the knife through its rare combination of materials and finishing details.

The Art of Fire

The Art of Fire, of pounding a lump of metal over and over again, in the tremendous heat of the forge, inexorably forcing it into shape and submission to create the one tool that truly defines the human experience - it is as ancient as time itself.


Tashi Bharucha

Since childhood, renowned knife designer and maker Tashi had been nurturing the dream of paying a worthy tribute to the Art of Knife Making, through the icon of icons in the knife universe. A chance encounter a little over two years ago with The Unnamed Society would give his dream a whole new dimension.

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