Chapter IV

The Jim Bowie Project

Indifference is impossible

To own one is to own a legend. To own the collection is to own History.

Never made before. Never to be made again.

The Jim Bowie Collection consists of fifty interpretations of the Bowie knife curated by Tashi Bharucha, created by twenty-six of the world’s most renowned blade-smiths, among which there are young talents on their way to the pinnacle of their Art.

An unprecedented collection of fifty knives, each one reflecting the knife maker’s personal style, technique and metal affinity, yet all following a specific design, for the blade’s silhouette, inspired by the legendary Bowie design, as imagined by Tashi Bharucha.

It is a collection of its time for all times, uniting the best of craftsmanship in pursuit of a pure quest for the absolute in rarity.

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The Collection

One knife design, fifty different executions

Twenty-six talented and unique craftsmen that represent the best of the best knife-makers across generations, continents and cultures. All bound by a passion for the art of fire.

Made to order custom cabinet

When everything is attainable, when any imaginable want is within reach, the meaning of desirability shifts to a new and higher level.
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A contemporary tribute to humankind's most ancient tool

The Art of Fire, of pounding a lump of metal over and over again, in the tremendous heat of the forge, inexorably forcing it into shape and submission to create the one tool that truly defines the human experience – it is as ancient as time itself.

As much as each knife of The Jim Bowie Collection is a testament to the millennia-old tradition of knife making, it is also a witness to the advances made since the first spark flew in the forge.

The Jim Bowie Collection is the fusion of ancient and modern, of strong and subtle, of rough and beautiful.

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Art and Craftmanship, fused

Crafted to exacting standards with the finest materials by Jeremy Guillaume, master sheath maker based in Lille, France, each one-off knife creation comes in its own bespoke sheath.

Beyond protecting the blade and preserving its ultimate uniqueness, each sheath amplifies the character of the knife through its rare combination of materials and finishing details.

Unsurpassed. Unrivalled. Unique.

Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, The Unnamed Society presents that rarest of constellations in the world of collectible objects: when beauty and fascination shine through in artfully interwoven history, authenticity and artisanship.

Heightened sensitivity. Clarity of purpose.

Absolute discretion.Inspired by the owl, its spirit animal, the team of passionate inventors, designers and artisans behind The Unnamed Society conceive the impossible and then make it reality.