When it comes to choosing the right partner, few matches are truly made in heaven, and even fewer remain there for the duration. Way up there in the firmament is where The Unnamed Society places its partnerships for the creation of its most iconic creations.

“Salanitro has earned the reputation of an outstanding specialist who cultivates a subtle alliance between artisanal ‘savoir faire’ and advanced technologies. At every stage, we pride ourselves in putting all our experience, expertise, aesthetic sensibility and passion at the service of an exceptional final product. It’s what makes us the partner of choice to the world’s most prestigious brands, and a privileged partner of The Unnamed Society.”

Pierre Salanitro, Founder and CEO or Salanitro

Salanitro is the leader in Switzerland for jewellery design and stone setting in the world of Fine Watchmaking.

Based in the heart of Geneva, the company was founded in 1990 by Pierre Salanitro who today heads a team of over 230 employees.

Initially recognized for its know-how in diamond and gemstone setting, Salanitro gradually expanded its skillset to encompass design, creation, prototyping, component manufacturing and component finishing. Salanitro was among the first Swiss companies to obtain the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certification.