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Deep, dark and strong – smoked oak exudes confidence and a sense of familiarity. Both a contrast and a complement to the cool palladium. The brushed metal finish, the matte-like texture of the wood. When the senses of sight and touch come together to create an ageless experience.


- Designed and manufactured in-house by L’Épée 1839, with serial number.
- Repeating rifle architecture.
- Power reserve of 8 days from single barrel.
- Balance wheel frequency of 2.5 Hz / 18,000 vibrations per hour.
- 342 components.
- 11 jewels.
- Incabloc shock protection system.

Setting the time setting:

Rotate the hour and minute cylinders to set the time. Cock the lever to wind the mechanism.

Body & Frame

Calibre diameter: 14.5mm (Cal. 47)

Frame: Palladium, satin-brushed

Receiver: Palladium, satin-brushed

Base: Palladium, satin-brushed

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