Samuel Lurquin M.S. #2
The spirit of the West, with a twist. Ladder Damascus meets polished titanium meets koa wood, a seamless progression regardless of the direction; it cuts both ways and eloquently illustrates the artist’s knack for discovering new possibilities in the tried and true. That a knife is first a tool, that it must get the work done; and that only then - and perhaps because of it - it may also please the eye.

Serial number



Hidden tang


1084/15n20 steels


Ladder pattern



Guard & Fittings

Polished grade 5 titanium


Stabilized koa wood

Build time

150 hours




Serial number JG-C-B-N-SL
Exterior Calf with buffalo insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Samuel Lurquin’s damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 11 hours


Samuel Lurquin

From Belgium.

Sam started out as a farrier but soon found himself being drawn deeper into
the hearth and looking beyond the power to just give the steel a shape. In his many travels around the world he would meet bladesmiths, and become more and more curious when they spoke of the magical experience of transforming a slab of metal into a polished blade.
He needed answers only legendary knife-maker Achim Wirtz, a.k.a. the Master of Steel and the Pope of Damascus, could give. Thus began a humbling journey of apprenticeship by trial and error to understand metallurgical principles and how to apply them to a rebirth of the metal in the forge. As steeped in tradition as knife-making maybe, Sam also understood that is such a dynamic field in terms of aesthetics and materials that there’s no standing still.