Samuel Lurquin M.S. #1
Light, fast, stealthy. And a quantum leap from the past into the future, not cutting any corners but instead picking up what a vast historic heritage has to offer and forging it into knife for the ages. A flawless Hamon and smoothly executed, DLC treated not just for effect. A perfect expression of a bladesmithing philosophy that sees both the art and the craft on a continuing journey of discovery.

Serial number



Hidden tang


U10A with hamon and DLC coating




Flat with fuller

Guard & Fittings

Hot blued 420 stainless steel guard


Black G10

Build time

70 hours




Serial number JG-C-S-N-SL1
Exterior Calf with shark insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Samuel Lurquin’s damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 11 hours


Samuel Lurquin

From Belgium.

Sam started out as a farrier but soon found himself being drawn deeper into
the hearth and looking beyond the power to just give the steel a shape. In his many travels around the world he would meet bladesmiths, and become more and more curious when they spoke of the magical experience of transforming a slab of metal into a polished blade.
He needed answers only legendary knife-maker Achim Wirtz, a.k.a. the Master of Steel and the Pope of Damascus, could give. Thus began a humbling journey of apprenticeship by trial and error to understand metallurgical principles and how to apply them to a rebirth of the metal in the forge. As steeped in tradition as knife-making maybe, Sam also understood that is such a dynamic field in terms of aesthetics and materials that there’s no standing still.