Rodrigo Sfreddo M.S.
The design’s lines as set forth by the Jim Bowie Project reminded Rodrigo of some kind of claw, a spike of sorts, something dangerous in its nature, but also very elegant. This creation is his attempt to fuse these two concepts, and express them through his personal style and the of use knife making techniques, with his spin on the keyhole construction, English false edge, carving, and gold and copper inlays. The handle, a beautiful piece of ebony, impossibly, seems like a forged extension of the blade. Or rather, Rodrigo decided to carve the handle and the blade, making it look like the knife itself was carved or retrieved from Earth’s womb. The fine Turkish Damascus pattern soothes the senses, like a gossamer texture. The relief of the surfaces and the ants is balanced by the graceful cherry tree in full blossom.

Serial number



Keyhole integral


1084/15n20 steels


Turkish twist multibar



Guard & Fittings

Carved integral guard with gold and copper inlays


Stabilized ebony

Build time

150 hours


Cherry blossoms and ants


Serial number JG-C-A-C-RS
Exterior Calf with alligator insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Samuel Lurquin’s damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 13 hours


Rodrigo Sfreddo

From Brazil.

Rodrigo remembers seeing Rambo and then using his father’s tools to reshape one of his knives into a survival knife. He was thirteen. It wasn’t long before an aunt commissioned two knives for his cousins. As masterful as he became, making knives remained a hobby until he quit college to dedicate himself full time to the craft. In 2006, he obtained his Journeyman Stamp from the American Blade Society and in 2009 the Master Stamp, winning the award for Best Knife on both occasions. He has introduced new concepts to the knifemaking art, such as the forge welded integrals and the keyhole handle, influencing many knifemakers worldwide. He is often invited to teach classes around the world. From the exquisite Damascus to the engraving or to the gold inlay, all is done by Rodrigo himself.