Random Knives #3
For their third variation on the theme, Lautaro and Mauro went for a complexity in their Damascus that took them into uncharted territory. The result of this technique is "Unnamed", a unique pattern design dedicated to the initiators of The Jim Bowie Project. Equally unique is the stunning handle of bronze carbon fiber handle, which itself seems to have been forged, deep and mysterious but also alive and powerful. Here, the Damascus guard and the blued steel frame ensure a natural transition between materials, textures and colors, immersing them in a dialog with each other and creating an unexpected harmony.

Serial number





1095/15n20 steels


« Unnamed » pattern



Guard & Fittings

Damascus guard/blued steel frame


Carbon fiber with bronze leaves

Build time

100 hours




Serial number JG-C-SK-N-RK
Exterior Calf with weathered snake gold patina insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Samuel Lurquin’s damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 12 hours


Random Knives

From Argentina.

From a very early age Lautaro loved working and creating things with his hands. It was in his genes; his father painted murals, created sculptures and built scale models; his grandfather on his mother’s side, a car mechanic with a passion for knives, would let young Lautaro fiddle in his workshop. In his last school year, his metallurgy professor allowed him and a classmate to make a blade in his charcoal forge. Lautaro was hooked. After 6 months in college studying industrial design, he realized making knives was his calling, rather than designing automobiles. He soon began to sell his creations, attending local fairs and exchanging with recognized knife makers from my country. One of them was Mauro Santacatterina, practically a neighbor in Buenos Aires... Mauro, too, was attracted to handcrafts early on: one of his grandparents had an iron foundry and the other made anything – scale replicas of ships, knives, swords, firearms... – he could think of. Together with his father, who also had manual abilities, young Mauro made swords, shields, helmets and bows. He soon became interested in knives, fascinated by their history and manufacture, as well in ancient and medieval weapons, and blacksmithing in general. So much so that he would eschew university for knife making. He soon grew in his craft, discussing new processes and techniques with fellow bladesmiths, like Lautaro Julio – who soon floated the idea of creating a brand together. Born in 2018, Random Knives is an artistic project for experimenting with all styles, knife models and construction techniques.