Julian Antunes
One can only imagine the choreography unfolding to Julian’s beat in the forge, each action and imperceptible adjustment building towards a powerful conclusion. One sees and feels the swordsmith here. The filigree-like quality achieved here with a multibar Turkish twist Damascus is a testament to a rare command of metal and fire The gold inlays on the magnificent Damascus guard and pommel; a touch of tradition that magically frames the copper carbon fiber of the handle, as if keeping a form of living matter contained within its space. Julian’s creation, a take down no less, with all the complexities this implies, takes you back but also forward in time - because true genius and craftsmanship, combined to produce beauty, are outside of time.

Serial Number





15n20 / 1085 steels


Turkish twist pattern multibar



Guard & Fittings

Damascus guard and buttcap


Marble carbon fiber with copper leaves

Build time

250 hours


Gold inlays


Serial Number JG-C-SK-C-JA

Exterior Calf with handmade patina snake insert

Lining Calf

Concho Sterling silver

Stud Samuel Lurquin's damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere

Build time 15 hours


Julian Antunes

From Brazil.

Today, at 29, Julian remains as passionate about working with his hands as ever. About 9 years ago, he discovered the art of making knives and swords. Mainly self-taught, he truly enjoys making medieval-inspired blades, such as daggers and swords. Curves also capture is imagination, as they bringing out the fluidity and harmony of his designs, which are almost always highlighted by a complex Damascus – sometimes with multiple steel bars and a twist, that flows with the blade style. In Julian’s words, “to be involved in The Jim Bowie Project has been a fantastic experience. Quite daunting, too, at first, but equally rewarding. The complexities of the profile were challenging, especially on a multibar twisted pattern, which requires forging as close as possible to the final shape.”