Jordan Lamothe M.S. #2
Don’t let the apparent simplicity of this take down by Jordan fool you. What we have here are several levels of perfection. A random Damascus with clear contrasts and convex grinds highlighted by brut de forge flanks, a beautiful blued mild steel guard echoed by a blued steel retention bolt and in between a beautiful Turkish walnut block shaped for a grip of perfect rightness. Jordan takes us back to the essence of the tool. The Bowie becomes a distillation of his versatility as an artisan craftsman, of his ability to work with a wide variety of materials and techniques, and his curiosity for the different approaches to the craft throughout the world and history.

Serial number





1084/15n20 steels


Random pattern with low contrast etched



Guard & Fittings

Blued low-carbon steel guard with tin bronze spacer and blued 4140 steel retention bolt


Stabilized Turkish walnut burl

Build time

62 hours




Serial number JG-C-C-N-JLM
Exterior Calf with handmade patina
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Bronze, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 11 hours


Jordan LaMothe

From New York, USA.

Jordan started blacksmithing at the age of 14 to make tools for the family farm. A knife is such a tool, and when he made his first at age 16, he was captivated by the craft. Knife-making allows him to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, while drawing inspiration from blades made throughout human history. He joined the American Bladesmith Society in 2013, whose regular symposia helped him focus on fit, finish, and functionality, and earned his Journeyman rating in 2018 and Master Smith rating in 2021. In 2022, he traveled to India for 9 months on a Fulbright Grant to study traditional Indian weaponry and gold and silver overlay techniques in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Jordan makes all manner of blades and
teaches knife-making classes at various schools around the United States.