Erik Markman J.S. #3
Erik’s first creation with a brut de forge finish and hollow grinds is a hidden tang construction. The forged guard seems to emerge from the rough of the blade and the bronze spacer, ever so subtle, locks it into the desert ironwood handle. It shows a degree of sophistication way beyond his years and a sensibility for the materials that is the mark of, quite simply, good taste.

Serial number



Hidden tang


1.2842 steel




Convex with brute de forge finish

Guard & Fittings

1.2842 forged guard with bronze spacer


Stabilized desert ironwood

Build time

48 hours




Serial number JG-C-S-N-EM2
Exterior Calf with shark insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Sandblasted steel, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 15 hours


Erik Markman

From Netherlands.

Erik was a carpenter when one day in 2002 he happened on a book about
knife-making. Making things, building things, anything that crossed his mind, had been an ability since his earliest childhood, and that included a knife or two, but that book, which told of Brazilian bladesmiths, made a new story unfold for him. Of all the elements, he realized fire had always held the greatest fascination, also because it presented the greatest challenges. He began forging knives in earnest in 2004; at first trying his hand out with flat knives and soon finding his groove with integral constructions. He forged Damascus and monosteel blades, often inspired by historic knives and giving them a twist. By 2016 he became a Journeyman Bladesmith; he continues to chase a clean look in fitting all the pieces, to “make the most with the least number of parts.”