Dominik Sulej #1
Where others forge a billet, Dominik sculpts from a block. In this interpretation, we find all the precision Dominik is synonymous for, in a version that goes to the essence of the Bowie and plays on the shades and textures of materials. A blade with a perfect satin grind and flanks with a rawer, “temper finish” aspect, giving it a character all its own. The handle is based on the principle of leather rings stacked around the tang and stabilized between a guard and a rear bolster in bronze with a finely hammered finish. A whole that combines classicism, precision and elegance, with an aesthetic that draws on the past to underscore all that is artful in the craft.

Serial number



Hidden tang


A8mod steel





Guard & Fittings

Bronze guard and pommel


Stabilized leather

Build time

50 hours




Serial number JG-C-B-N-DS
Exterior Calf with buffalo insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Bronze, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 11 hours


Dominik Sulej

From Poland.

Dominik had been teaching literature at university for 15 years when he decided to completely devote himself to his passion. He started making knives in 2013 and incorporated as a one-man company in 2019. His main inspiration comes from classic designs; though his favorite type of knife is a Bowie, in all its variations, he enjoys making knives for camping or hunting. Dominik’s kitchen and everyday carry knives also have quite a following. As a designer he seizes opportunities to add a particular twist to traditional patterns. Here and there, a science fiction and fantasy aesthetic surfaces – perhaps because the visual aggressiveness is somehow useful when drawing knives. The beauty of a knife is something hard to grasp in words – it’s easier to make a beautiful knife, especially because, in the case of knives, beauty often lies in simplicity.