Bruce Bump M.S.
Bruce’s Bowie is of remarkably complex construction, from the spectrum of materials to the range of skillsets; from tip to butt, a display of craftmanship elevated to an artform. The San Mai’s monosteel core and mosaic Damascus flanks, using countless tiles first welded into a block under vacuum to then be forged into this masterpiece; the hand-engraved habaki with gold inlays that transitions to the guard, itself a jewel set within a jewel; and the pragmatism of a finely checkered wood handle... Rarely have purpose, strength and robustness in a tool found such a beautiful expression.

Serial Number



Hidden tang


1075/1080/15N20 steels


San-mai with Bruce Bump Independence Day mosaic pattern



Guard & Fittings

416 stainless steel guard and spine


Stabilized Turkish walnut

Build time

350 hours


Splash engravings on the guard and the spine covered with 24 and 18-carat gold, silver, and copper inlays made by Lucie Bandikova. Checkering on the handle made by the famous custom stock maker Blaine Barlow.


Serial number JG-C-S-N-BB
Exterior Calf with shark insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Samuel Lurquin’s damascus, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 15 hours


Bruce Bump

From Washington, USA.

Bruce’s knife-making journey began in 1988 when he was required to teach a craft to young boys and men from his local scouting group. The first knives looked the business, but when it came to function, there was obviously more to it. Keen to learn how to make a tough blade that held a good edge, he joined the American Bladesmith Society. As he began forging high carbon steel, his blades improved dramatically with better heat control and the addition of a pyrometer and thermocouple – always with the greatest respect for the artistry and imagination of the great “Knifemakers of Old.” A full-time maker since 1998, he received his Journeyman Smith in 2000 under the tutelage of Wayne Goddard, and his Master Smith in 2003 with remendous help from Master Smiths Ed Caffrey and Audra Draper.