Anders Högström #2
A knife forged in a different space-time continuum. Anders charms with the twinkle in his eye, the lightness of his touch, and he impresses with his sure command of methods and materials. Here, too, he gives the flat grind with a coarse satin finish an extra dimension with a three-dimensional Hamon. Also from another place and age, the lost wax cast bronze guard and pommel, incepted and made by him - with a deeper patina. No doubt to further muddle the time period perhaps; nevertheless it makes for a perfect match of colors and textures with the desert ironwood handle. Anders approaches the craft on a path that seems open only to him, yet lighting it before him is a deep understanding of bladesmithing’s finest traditions.

Serial number









Flat grind with coarse satin finish

Guard & Fittings

Cast bronze guard and buttcap


Stabilized desert ironwood

Build time

55 hours


Hand-carved faux hamon


Serial number JG-C-C-N-AH
Exterior Calf with handmade patina calf insert
Lining Calf
Concho Sterling silver
Stud Bronze, milled by Nicolas Verschuere
Build time 12 hours


Anders Högström

From Sweden.

Anders has been a full-time knife maker and artist since the first day of his apprenticeship with Samurai sword maker/knife maker/multi-artist and professional photographer Scott Slobodian in California 25 years ago. It was a traditional setup: Anders’ brawn in exchange for Scott’s knowledge; it launched his career, providing a broad foundation for his own artistry. His style is described as Nordic-Japanese, both cultures being similar in their underlying thought processes, their aesthetic simplicity; far from dull or faded, materials and textures are allowed to speak for themselves and be an important part of the whole. He is in no way a traditionalist; he combines cultures and creates objects that seem to fit in a specific time. But...when? Now, before, or perhaps in the future...