Will Stelter J.S.

Besides simple flowing lines and proportions, Will is most recognized for his V-shaped and curved fit ups, as well as his pattern welded steel.

Will’s journey as a knifemaker began at 14, removing stock on a cheap little belt sander in his parent’s garage, progressing little by little and building a workshop by sharpening neighbors’ knives. Forging followed at 16, under the mentorship of both Salem Straub and Daniel O’Malley. Whilst still in high school, he was creating clean and professional quality works. At 18, Will moved to Montana for college and to pursue knifemaking in earnest. The call of the latter grew more urgent, and he stopped school to work with his friend and fellow blacksmith Alec Steele for two years, developing a style of his own. Will now has his own shop in Montana.