Mike Dorris

A firm grip on the art of authentic grips.

In Tennessee, Mike Dorris makes custom pistol from the most diverse materials for the discerning aficionado. Mike specializes in elk antler, sheep horn and giraffe bone grips. Whilst the former two remain genuine classics, the latter turns out to be a high- quality natural substitute for ivory that isn’t “faux ivory” or composite.

Extremely dense and ranging in color from solid white to a creamy yellow, giraffe bone makes for a very strong, long-lasting material for pistol grips. Also, a piece of giraffe bone can be large enough to produce most styles of grips, so the bespoke possibilities are endless.

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“Everything I know, I learned by watching my father Virgil. He’s no longer with us, but the flame inside him is. I’m sure he’d be proud to see what fine pistol grips we make today. And I’m just as sure he’d never have imagined that the word “giraffe” would be uttered a dozen times a day in his workshop.”

Mike Dorris, Head of MD Grips