Julian Antunes

Julian’s creation takes you back but also forward in time – because true genius and craftsmanship, combined to produce beauty, are outside of time.

Today, at 29, Julian remains as passionate about working with his hands as ever. About 9 years ago, he discovered the art of making knives and swords. Mainly self-taught, he truly enjoys making medieval-inspired blades, such as daggers and swords. Curves also capture is imagination, as they bringing out the fluidity and harmony of his designs, which are almost always highlighted by a complex Damascus – sometimes with multiple steel bars and a twist, that flows with the blade style. In Julian’s words, “to be involved in The Jim Bowie Project has been a fantastic experience. Quite daunting, too, at first, but equally rewarding. The complexities of the profile were challenging, especially on a multibar twisted pattern, which requires forging as close as possible to the final shape.”