Henning Wilkinson

To behold Henning’s creation is to set out on a voyage of wonderment at the mesmerizing quality and explosion that bring out the magic within the metal.

Henning grew up in a place where if you learned to walk before you can fight, you would most probably not make it. His first recollection of Christ was growing up in a home where He was loved and honored. “I can remember as a young child walking into my parents’ room in the early dark hours of the morning and finding them both on their knees praying. This has remained my foundation in life, for every decision and way of living.” In 2000, not being able to afford the Emmerson Commander he desired, he made one. He then tried forging a Damascus blade – and was hooked. By 2006, he was admitted to the Knifemakers Guild of South Africa. Henning sees knife-making as a way of life, constantly perfecting his creations, and through them learning more about himself as God intended him to be.