Gregory Picard

Gregory excels in crafting beautiful tools in the best French knifemaking ethos that perfectly captures the frontiersman spirit.

When Gregory made his first knife in 2001, he had just graduated from university with a degree in mechanical engineering. As his career took off, he continued to make knives on the side. Excelling in both domains, his passion for blades ultimately made the leap to full time bladesmithing easy in 2016. “From that moment I started to work very hard in cutlery,” he says. Gregory brings to his works the French sensibility that sees a knife as tool, one that can be used on a daily basis, where practicality and elegance are not mutually exclusive but complementary. The unique combination of blacksmithing and precision mechanics he brings to the table, together with his aesthetic eye, comes through in folding knives as it does in fixed knives of all sizes, but also axes and garden tools.