Dominik Sulej

Magnificent conception of knives as artworks, demonstrating his great bladesmith’s ease with and naturally ability to straddle and merge worlds, always in keeping with an elegant, instantly identifiable style.

Dominik had been teaching literature at university for 15 years when he decided to completely devote himself to his passion. He started making knives in 2013 and incorporated as a one-man company in 2019. His main inspiration comes from classic designs; though his favorite type of knife is a Bowie, in all its variations, he enjoys making knives for camping or hunting. Dominik’s kitchen and everyday carry knives also have quite a following. As a designer he seizes opportunities to add a particular twist to traditional patterns. Here and there, a science fiction and fantasy aesthetic surfaces – perhaps because the visual aggressiveness is somehow useful when drawing knives. The beauty of a knife is something hard to grasp in words – it’s easier to make a beautiful knife, especially because, in the case of knives, beauty often lies in simplicity.