David Lespect

A blacksmith-bladesmith by passion, David lets his style shine through in the blend of practicality and sophistication that makes the knife transcend its purpose.

Passionate about knives since childhood, as a simple collector of modest pieces, his world changed in 2004 when his sister gave him book on the art of knife-making. After apprenticing with Christian Avakian in 2005, he began making and selling knives in 2007, initially focusing on fixed-blade knives. Before long, in 2009, he tried his hand at folders, at first with straightforward Piedmontese friction folding knives. He soon specialized in folders with a liner- lock, a side-spring locking mechanism easily operated without having to reposition the knife. Today, folding knives represent the majority of his output; the few fixed knives he makes are all semi-integral or integral. David describes his style as modern, with the use of natural materials conferring to his pieces a timeless look.