Cédric Vichard

Bringing out the unsuspected magic of shagreen.

“The first time I discovered wood, it was in a carpenter’s workshop. I was 14. I will never forget the different scents as various types of wood would be worked on with the lathe, and how the material somehow came alive as I ran my fingers over its textured surface. It was the beginning of my passion to create something with my own hands”, remembers Cédric Vichard, Master Cabinetmaker.

Yet this sensibility for the material of which most revolver grips are made is only part of what drew The Unnamed Society to enlist Cédric and his unique skills.

Indeed, Vichard is also synonymous with excellence in the rare art of shagreen, the use of decorative ray skin in cabinetmaking. And in the application of other similarly exotic skins. Though the suggestion of lizard skin for the grip might not have fazed Samuel Colt, surely, he would never have dreamed of something as impossible as a grip for his revolver finished in toad skin, let alone ray skin.