Anders Högström

Anders’s approach to the craft and the respect of bladesmithing’s finest traditions is matched only by his boundless creativity, coupled with a daring streak, in expressing the idea of a knife.

Anders has been a full-time knife maker and artist since the first day of his apprenticeship with Samurai sword maker/knife maker/multi-artist and professional photographer Scott Slobodian in California 25 years ago. It was a traditional setup: Anders’ brawn in exchange for Scott’s knowledge; it launched his career, providing a broad foundation for his own artistry. His style is described as Nordic-Japanese, both cultures being similar in their underlying thought processes, their aesthetic simplicity; far from dull or faded, materials and textures are allowed to speak for themselves and be an important part of the whole. He is in no way a traditionalist; he combines cultures and creates objects that seem to fit in a specific time. But...when? Now, before, or perhaps in the future...