Creating the impossible that defies imagination

That is the motto of The Unnamed Society: The new measure of genuine quality, sophistication, taste and true exclusivity in modern gifting. When everything is attainable, when any possible earthly desire is within reach, the meaning of desirability shifts to a new and higher level.

It is for this most discerning clientele that The Unnamed Society finds unimagined and impossible ways of capturing the essence of what it is to thank, acknowledge, reward or simply surprise with a gift that is truly out of the ordinary.

Press coverage
"Golden Boy de The Unnamed Society: una reinterpretación del legendario rifle de repetición Winchester."
SIAR 2021: The Unnamed Society presenta ‘Golden Boy’
COOLBITES.MX - October 21, 2021
"El nuevo reloj Golden Boy, una reinterpretación del afamado rifle de repetición Winchester, continúa la saga creativa de The Unnamed Society inspirada en el Viejo Oeste."
The Unnamed Society presenta un nuevo capítulo de su concepto artístico de relojería
REVOLUTION - October 21, 2021
"With Golden Boy comes the second stunning creation imagined for those who set the bar for the Art of Gifting a bit higher than the rest, for appreciators of the finer things, and for visionary collectors. "
Introducing: The Unnamed Society Golden Boy Clock by L'Epée 1839
"Following through on its unique interpretation of Pancho Villa’s Bisley Colt, introduced in 2019, The Unnamed Society takes the natural next step with the Golden Boy, a reimagination of the legendary Winchester repeating rifle."
The Unnamed Society Presents Reimagination of Winchester Repeating Rifle By Way Of Golden Boy
HAUTE TIME - October 19, 2021
"A group of wealthy friends and some specialty artisans turn out one over-the-top design each year."
Making Gifts for Those Who Have Everything
The New York Times - April 05, 2021
"When it comes to gun-slinging, it pays not to be late for high noon. "
L’Epée and The Unnamed Society pull the trigger on €330,000 timekeeping revolver
WatchPro - December 15, 2020
"A l’occasion d’un évènement organisé à la galerie ART IN TIME à Monaco, The Unnamed Society x L’Epée ont dévoilé le second chapitre – The Diamond"
The Unnamed Society x L’Epée dévoilent The Diamond
Montres et Tendances - December 15, 2020
"The Unnamed Society veut redéfinir « l'art du cadeau exclusif »."
The Unnamed Society by l'Epée : l'heure revolver
- October 14, 2019
"A precious Colt revolver realized by L’Epée as a table clock and unveiled in Montecarlo on last December 7th 2020."
Il tempo e le pistole
- December 11, 2020
"Новое совместное творение дизайнерской группы The Unnamed Society и мануфактуры L’Épée - часы в виде револьвера."
Часы, револьвер и 2 518 бриллиантов
ALLWATCHES - December 09, 2020
"Opening Chapter II with a one-off creation: The Diamond. International premiere in Monaco, in partnership with ART in TIME."
WATCHES&ART - December 08, 2020
"The Unnamed Society x L’Épée The Diamond"
The Unnamed Society x L’Épée The Diamond
WATCH I LOVE - December 08, 2020
"When an unnamed society gets together to create art d’objet the result is exhilarating"
Hyper-exclusive horology: The one-of-a-kind revolver-styled table clock comes studded with 2,518 diamonds
LUXURY Launches - December 08, 2020
"The Diamond is a one-off creation that offers a new appreciation of Time."
The Unnamed Society x L’Épée - The Diamond Clock
TIMEKEEPERS CLUB - December 08, 2020
"Une pièce unique, dévoilée ce lundi à Monaco, qui en met plein les mirettes avec ses… 2 518 diamants."
L’Épée et le mortel revolver de diamants
L'EST REPUBLICAIN - December 07, 2020
"The Unnamed Society, founded in 2019, is an exclusive group of celebrities, inventors, designers, artisans and close friends. "
The SIAR in Mexico Will Open with a Bang by The Unnamed Society
HAUTE TIME - October 14, 2019
"Quand un nouveau collectif de designers horlogers s’associe à L’Epée, les horloges de table prennent la forme… D’un Colt"
Coup de feu sur Mexico
LE FIGARO - October 14, 2019
"By L'Epee 1839 and The Unnamed Society."
Introducing the Hasta la Vista Revolver 8-Day Table Clock
SJX - October 10, 2019
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